May 8, 2007

Neo speaks french

I am glad to inform you that Nym has translated Neo template to French. The french version is available for download here. She has also setup a demo blog. Thanks a lot, Nym! If you have a french blog, go ahead and give it a try.

As you might have noticed, in the free version of Neo, I have moved the javascript code out of the template into a file called neo.js that's hosted in my website. While doing this, I also fixed the problem that many were complaining about - old posts resurrecting in the recent posts list (second column) when you edit them. I used Phydeaux3's discovery of orderby parameter to fix this problem. With this change, the posts will appear in publish date order and not updated date order and so, you can edit your old posts freely. If you had bought Neo from me, your version doesn't have this fix. If you need this fix, send me your current template and I will add it.

Lastly, I have been getting some complaints that is not accessible in China. So, I have copied neo template under my googlespages account - (english version and french version). You can pick them up from these locations also.


waz said...

Ramani, nym is a 'she'!

Ramani said...

oh really! sorry about the confusion. And I think I saw her commenting in your blog. I guess she's your friend too.

Mihail Popescu said...

Dear friend,

I just want to say a simple but real big THANK YOU for your great work. Neo really works wonderful and so quickly.
This is so helpful for us. Please help me also to fix these issues and get their solutions:
1. I would be very happy if I could insert links in the Neo blog to some of my old Neo posts, but I don't know their addresses because I don't see any address up there in the navigation bar of the browser but the simple url Despite the fact that I set up the posts to have separate pages. Can you help me to find a solution? Please...
2. How would be indexed the new Neo blog by search engines? Would be the Java script an obstacle? My old blog on Blogger Beta was indexed very well, with posts on separate pages and not using the feeds technology. Would be the same good indexing situation for Neo?
3. Why my Neo blog, especially, go to the level of the clicked post on POST widget, and if I want to see again the header of the page I must always scroll up?
Thank you again for your kindness,


waz said...

yep a nice blogger friend! :)

btw, i've emailed you about a crazy idea of mine. wat do you reckon?

Ramani said...

Dear Mihail,

Let me answer your questions in the same order.
1. Yes, Neo won't reload pages and so your address bar won't change. But, your post's title is a permalink to the post page. Just right-click and grab it's url.
2. Javascript links won't be indexed. That's why I have specifically asked everyone to include the archives widget (which will have plain old links). All my posts after I started using Neo are indexed by Google.
3. This movement was for convenience. It was very useful when the older,newer navigation was not added and the list of posts was long. But now with navigation, we only have 10 posts in the list at a time. Let me think about it and remove it if I don't see any use. Please note that I have to remove it in my neo.js.

Ramani said...


I have removed that scrolling to the top of the post as I don't think it's needed anymore. I hope others won't need it either. Waz, if you're reading this, can you tell me if you're ok with this change? (your blog will behave like this too because I have changed in neo.js).

waz said...

hi Ramani,
thanks for email! i'll get back to you on this one...

about the change in neo, yep it does affect me blog but no worries, i've had a copy of the old neo tucked on another website. i'm using this one.

thanks! :)

Mihail Popescu said...

Ramani, dear friend,

Here it's lately in the night, in Romania, or maybe early in the morning. Thank you indeed for your answer. Look at what I've done at (it is only a test address) and please tell me if the widget Calendar Style Blog Archive will be sufficient for my blog to be very well indexed. When I think that 6 months ago I didn't know anything about blogs, I feel I go crazy!
Now, if we'll only have 10 posts at a time, as you said, it semms to me that I will need a menu, kinda site navigator. Help me with this as well, I spend weeks on internet searching a solution for site navigation in Blogger. I found a TOC - Table Of Content at , have you any other better idea?
Thanks again,


Ramani said...


For indexing, it's better to have the Blogger's archives widget itself (the one you get by clicking on "Add a page element"). Also, Neo has built-in navigation. If you have more than 10 posts, an "Older>>" link will show up in the second column like it shows up in my blog. So, you don't need any TOC.

Nym said...

Thanks for the links !
lol, yeah i'm a she but you couldn't know it :)
And could you remove my last name, please (just "Nym" so). I'm sorry, it wasn't suppose to appear in your mail box :)

Mihail Popescu said...

Can I have also the copy of the old Neo too? I really need this one, for more than 10 posts. Thanks for sending it to me at [lotusds]at[].


Ramani said...

Nym, I removed your last name and also the link to your blog. Have your privacy :)

Ramani said...


Why do you need old copy? Current version of Neo itself has navigation. But, you will see the "Older >>" link ONLY if you have more than 10 posts. In your blog, you have only 5 or so. That's why it doesn't show up. It will show up automatically when you have more posts.

Jayashree Bhat said...

Oh, it's still not working. Yes, height is the issue. I've put it up for you to see. (Tell me soon coz it looks weird.)

Ramani said...


Instead of using the background property, can you try Peter's method described here.

Ricardo Santos said...

Hi Ramani!

Is it possible to have the same look in all the widgets, on my test blog whenever i add new widgets it doesnt look like your profile or recent post widgets. no border and the background colour is the same as the blog.


GG said...

i translated Neo template to chinese,check it out:

neo chinese download here.

demo :

GG said...

chinese demo check at this place please:

the i will change a lot :-P

Ramani said...


Thanks a lot. This is getting quite interesting. I will add a link to your template and demo blog from my Neo installation post.

You can publicize this in popular chinese forums with a link to your post, so that those who don't know only chinese can also benefit from Neo.

GG said...

thanks for link me.:-)

and thanks for you great work again~~

Jayashree Bhat said...

I tried to put a header image from page elements but it doesn't show up.

Ramani said...


Did you try Peter's other methods that he has listed in that post? I haven't played with images much. Peter is the guy.

verypurpleperson said...

Hi Ramani,
just want to say thank you so much for the neo template.
I've used it for my portfolio pages like this one: and it works perfectly!

Ramani said...

Your blog looks great with Neo.


your posts are very useful to the new bloggerers. i am using some of the widgets posted by you.
thanks for this kind of service
keep it up

waz said...

wazup Ramani,
i have blogged your answers! please let me know if you wanna change/add anything!

take care!

Peyton said...

How do you change the color of the Recent Posts column? The teal blue doesn't really go with my web page. Thanks.

Raquel said...

Ramani, can you help me who provide the code for adding thumbnails in previous posts section?

Ramani said...


Can you find this CSS and change the background to whatever you want?

#LabelDisplay {
margin-top: 10px;
padding: 0 5px 0 10px;
border: solid #b0b0b0;
background: #bff0ff;
-moz-border-radius: 15px;
-webkit-border-radius: 15px;

Ramani said...

what do you mean by thumbnails, Raquel? There are no images in recent posts.

Princesse Nutella said...

and congratulations for Nym!!! she's the best!!! :DD

Paula the Surf Mom said...

I installed your neo template on my site, did a few hacks and it looks great...thank you so much for writing it.

Ramani said...


Your blog looks great with Neo.

MELVEN said...

Hi Ramani,

I saw that neo just support only one post in the main page, but why my blog shows all the post at a time when page initially load.

and sometimes when I change the post by label widget or recent posts widget, it appeared duplicate post in the main page.

My blog link is as below. many appreciation for ur help !!


Ramani said...

Melven, you have to change the number of posts in settings->formatting as I had explained in the post about installing neo.

MELVEN said...

Dear Ramani,

Sorry.... take me for a fool @@"

Thank you again for your kindly support !!

Boudicca Design said...

Hi from Melbourne, Australia Ramani!!!

I don't usually leave comments on blogs unless I've really found some gold... So, I'd like to express my thanks for sharing your techno-wisdom .. For a coding novice such as myself, it was the biggest eureka moment I've had after days of trying to get my blogger blog looking the same as my standard html web pages...

Merci!!! Arigatoo!!!! :)

Had almost given up!!! :)

Cheers & peace.

Lin (Boudicca)


Aris Yulianta said...

Thank you for this great template. I use it on my blog Its very easy to customize and matched with google adsense rounder ads. Good job!

sramsh said...

thanks for the template mate...
have a loot at

do suggests some tips...

Am said...

nice blog!:)