April 27, 2007

Neo needs a fix

This post is for all those using Neo. Looks like Blogger has changed their JSON feed content slightly in their latest code drop. They seem to have killed index.html (as Steven wanted). This will cause Neo to misbehave. It will show the title Posts labelled "" instead of Recent Posts in the second column. Here's how you can fix this in your template. Find this section of code

if (label == "index.html") {
labeltitle.innerHTML = '<center><h2>Recent Posts</h2></center><hr/>';
} else {
labeltitle.innerHTML = '<h2>Posts labelled "' + label + '"</h2>';

and change the first line in red to this instead.

if (label == "") {

If this doesn't fix the problem, let me know.

April 26, 2007

Hacks broken; Blogger working on a fix

Yesterday, Phydeaux3 found that Blogger feeds are broken. Feeds are the bread and butter of most of our hacks and so you will see that hacks like Recent Posts/comments and Neo will be broken. Pete, the nicest Blogger developer, has commented in Phydeaux3's blog that yesterday's build broke something. He has also promised to work on it today. So, let's all cross our fingers and wait....

And yes, I am still alive :) Here's something that I am working on. About 4 months after it was created, Neo will be available free of cost soon. Like all those software products that are made free of cost a while after their release, I have decided to make Neo priceless now! (but with limited support for installation, moving widgets etc).

UPDATE 4/26/07: Blogger seems to have fixed this problem within a day. All glories to Pete who reads hacker blogs.