August 17, 2006

Funny Blogger support!

My question to Blogger support:


I switched to Blogger beta today. But I couldn't find the blog's comment feed. Main page has post feed's link and post page has per-post comment feed. Where is the blog's comment feed?

Their response:

Hi there,

Thank you for your comments and suggestions regarding comments feeds for Blogger in beta. We appreciate the input and we will certainly keep it in mind as we work to improve Blogger in beta.

Thanks for using Blogger!

The Blogger Team


Excuse me, when did I give suggestions? I asked a question which needs an answer. !?!


Avatar X said...

yes, they are using a re-selector..

a automatic responder with a edge.. it can formulate a answer based on keywords..

, but that is a improvement over no answers... right?.


Aditya said...


*falls to the ground pointing at Blogger*


What kind of parents name their kids 'Danish' anyways? ;P

Avatar X said...

heh... and i was laughing to when they said that there was going to be better support......hahahaha.

Blogger support has been horrible since the start of v2.

Barbara said...

Blogger support is probably some bot they developed.

I have a "problem" for you. I can't get Feedburner to burn a feed for me because my URL has an "_" in it.

Any way I can fix this without reworking the whole damn blog?


Unknown said...


Isn't changing the url safe with Blogger? Unless you have advertised the URL in many places, this should be ok.