August 16, 2006

My experiences migrating to Blogger Beta!

When I logged into Blogger today, I saw the Blogger Beta invitation to the right and Oh boy, I felt privileged to be invited! Having read about it in Freshblog and experimented a bit yesterday with this new baby of Google, I immediately opted to switch and gave my google account. The Google God displayed a message that I will be informed once the migration is complete. I was wondering for a moment how long will it take. But when I checked my gmail, it was already done.

The first thing I did was to create labels for my uncategorized old posts (not too many, just 7). All of them got the same label, yeah you guessed it right, "Hacks". Then, my attention turned to the per-post comment feed but it ain't working (try clicking the 'subscribe to' link at the bottom of this page and you will see the error). It worked for me yesterday when I created a new test blog. Is there a bug in comment feeds for migrated blogs? Anybody out there got the combination working?

And I don't seem to find the comment feed link for the entire blog. At the bottom of the main page, I only see the post feed. If anybody manages to find blog comment feed, please let me know.

Then, I decided to take the WYSIWYG road and moved stuff around in the layout. I found that the layout editor doesn't allow me to move the blog header element to the bottom of the page. Naturally. But, I had to do something else wierd!?! So, I moved the archives to the top :) You can see the new expand/collapse format of archives.

Finally, what could be the feed that is cool enough to add to my layout? A dynamic Blogsearch feed for the search term "Blogger Beta"! Indeed, quite a few people are talking about this upgrade!

Update: Just after publishing this post, I found that the per-post comment feed gives error only for pre-migration posts. The per-post comment feed for this post doesn't give error but doesn't seem to work as well. My test comment does not appear in it.


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I wondered why you not yet repliy to my previous comment, now i know why:

You made it

Unknown said...

KCA, I saw your comment. I don't know much about videos. I will see whether I can do something there.

Anonymous said...

What i was thinking is... by example, when u do a research on google video, you have a thumbnails of each video available on their server.

So if 3 of these thumb could be displayed on the blog as related video... anyway, just an idea.

Aditya said...

Good to see you've switched. Probably because your blog has fewer posts and is relatively newer as compared to the rest of the gang.

Quick question, where is your site feed? I can't subscribe to you without one, now can I? ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've had the same fussiness with the comment feeds since I migrated. I get errors when I try to load what should be there, but haven't had much time to play with it yet. There's so much new stuff to learn. :-)

But one thing you might want to be aware of. One fairly problematic bug in the beta is that if you look at the source of your published page, beta blogs using layouts are getting the noindex/nofollow meta tag. Even when they are set to public. That's not good as you'll soon start dropping from the google index.. And it's been on every beta blog I've checked so far so it seems to be betawide. I've sent an email in to support, but you might want to also. Currently I've switched back to my classic template (for other reasons) so it doesn't affect me.

Unknown said...

Aditya, I added the feed link that got missed out when I migrated. Yes, I know I am new to the gang. ignore my comment. i was just kidding.

The Frugal Law Student said...

I was wondering if you have figured out how to do this with beta.

This is great stuff. Very good work.

Unknown said...

You mean, the comment feed?

The Frugal Law Student said...

I'm sorry. I posted in the wrong place. What I meant was have you been able to figure out how to come up with a section under a post of related posts from your blog? I saw that you had something for non-beta blogger. It's something I'd really like.

Again, thank you for this stuff. It's truly amazing.

Unknown said...

Oh, that. I haven't got any Non-Beta hacks working for Beta yet, except for author comment notification. Just subscribe to my feed, one day I might get it working :)

Dr. Fong said...

I wonder if anyone has an invitation to give?

Anonymous said...

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