September 10, 2006

Hoctro's tabbed label pages

Hoctro has come up with an amazing hack to display multiple tabs for label pages under the header. If you consider labels as the mechanism by which you subdivide your blog, this hack helps you to present the various topics as tabs to the visitor. He has also found a nice set of tab images to select from. I have used his hack in my blog as you can see. I think it doesn't get any better than this as far as labels go - we have hacks to present labels as drop-down, zoom, cloud and now tab styles!!

Some notes about this hack:
1. I am hosting all the free tab images provided by in my website. Hoctro has described how to use these hosted images in your CSS.
2. It is possible to have multiple label widgets in your blog. So, you don't have to remove your existing multi-style or cloud widget for adding this tab style. Just add a new Label page element with hoctro's code.

Go ahead and jazz up your blog with tabs! If you like what Hoctro has done, leave a comment in his post.


Steve D. said...

Man, you guys are deep into tweaking this stuff. I was excited to be able to figure out how to change my title font-size.

Keep up the good work.

-Steve D. (

Unknown said...

nice one, going to try this hack when I get back home, I think I'll use it only to diplay Home, Archive, Subscribe, About buttons.

Thank you one more time...

Me said...

Truly impressive. I'm not a fan of blogger beta, but that does look quite wonderful

Hoc Tro Viet said...

Hi Ramani,

Thank you so much for writing a nice article introducing my tab hack. It was just last week, in fact, that I got to know and use your "title only" hack, and now I have something that you implement on your site. I feel really, really honored and flattered about this!

I will keep monitoring the comments of this post to see how people use this hack on their site or their concerns & suggestions.


DarkUFO said...

Thanks, I've just added them to my blog and they look fantastic.

Blogger with Tabs

Thank you very very much.

Unknown said...

DarkUFO, I think the true credit goes to Hoctro. Could you please leave a comment in his blog too?

Anonymous said...

This is one is a little bit hard, I can't do it with my powers...LOL!

Unknown said...

Raquel, are Hoctro's instructions hard to understand?

Jornada said...


Thanks for the hacks from site.

Also found the program to show brief for each documents at hompage. That's what I need before have really document extend and hide function at home page. I think many people need it. May be you will be interested.pls ref the
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Anonymous said...

Hi Ramani,

Yeah, but I just got it tonight. I just don't know yet how to control the label on navigation. Am still waiting for the reply of Hoctro.


Anonymous said...

I love it, I am using style H, because I have a black background. How can I make a "Home" tab like you?

Unknown said...

Bravery onions,

tonight I will write about how to add home page tab and a few other improvements on Hoctro's hack.