September 21, 2006

Peekaboo posts for non-Beta blogs

Hans has got our Inline expandable post summaries (a.k.a Peekaboo posts) hack working with old Blogger template also! So, those of you who are waiting for the golden invitation for switching to Beta, can have the hack up and running in your blog now. And be rest assured that the hack is also available after switching to Beta. Here's Hans's post on this topic.

Hoctro has a few nice hacks too in his place in Blogosphere - one for displaying vertical tabs with labels and another to create 3 columns (even 4 or 5) with Yahoo! CSS Grid system. Why live the simple life with 2 columns, I say ;)


Hoc Tro Viet said...

Thanks Ramani,

I'm still working on the 4 column :-) It looks easy, but it's not. Too many divs :-) I hope to have a good set of templates w/ different but practical column sizes for everyone to use.


Raquel said...

Thanks you guys.

Darnell Clayton said...

Hey Ramani!

This is unrelated, but I was wondering how did you get the Google Ad Sense to display directly below your post?

I have been trying to figure that out without much success. :(

Also, do you know how to get the Google Search bar (for Adsense) to work? Google seems to be "too busy" to notice the problem, and I mentioned that their little Java boxes on the page elements tend to distort the Google Search box.

Anonymous said...


This is unrelated, but when are you going to post about author comments?

Bravery Onions

Unknown said...

Bravery onions,

Thanks for reminding. I will write about it in a day or two.

Unknown said...

Hi Ramani,
Thank you for visiting my blog and a hearty Welcome too :-). The 3-column one that u commented on is my modified version of the Minima Template that I originally had.

I want to replicate that look in the other blog that I created specifically for testing templates(Travails...). Only after I am sure I can retain most of my customization will I shift my main blog (Akshayapaatram) completely to beta. And your blog has been really helpful in doing that. Thank you soo much.

And would you be able to write a hack for the drop down categories list that I have on the right sidebar. ["What are u in the mood for.." sectiion] or is what I am doing the easiest i.e I have my form code in the template and each time I have a new post, I update the appropriate linked list with the permalink of that post.

I also had a small code in the my old template that would let me comment within a comment (like in wordpress)so I could reply to individual comments, but the moment I made the change to beta that stopped working :-(

Priya said...

Hi Ramani,
Its Priya again, my previous comment was from another google accnt that I have.
My blog address is

Anonymous said...

could u make a hack to create expandable/collapsible labels?

Unknown said...


I think I will need more info about what you are using. I will get back to you when I get more free time.


If you talking about displaying labels in hierarchy view, its not possible due to some constraints.

Chick said...

Super thanks to you and Hans for the best and easiest "peekaboo posts" hack ever. Worked like a charm.

Deepa said...

just like Bravery Onions said...

I would also like to know about "author's comments"
thanks you

Unknown said...

Deepa, I am going to write about author comment highlighting today.

Deepa said...

Thnks Ramani
I am only too eager to use the author-higlighting commnet hack..(cant use this is classic template)
At the moment i am busy recreating my classic template in beta.
then may be i can impliment this hack
thnks a lot

Muslim said...

I can't leave a comment on Han's post . Theres something wrong with the code he gave, i can see the "read more", and i am able to hide part of the post that i want to hide, but i can't expand the post. I've been working since morning till afternoon, and i can't see wats wrong with the javascript he gave. Please help. Your time is greatly aprreciated.

Unknown said...

I can't help on Hans' stuff. can you send him an email?

David said...

Hi Ramani,

I sent you an email regarding this already, but just in case you check comments more often: IE is not taking well to the peek-a-boo posts code like Firefox does. The posts open up expanded and still display the read me link at the bottom until you collapse and expand a couple of times. Only then does it begin to display properly. Is there a remedy for this bug? My site is at -Thanks