September 2, 2006

To all my readers

My feed burner stats showed 5 readers till Wednesday. Today it shows 25 readers! I believe I have attracted quite a few people to this blog with my quick hacks for Blogger Beta. Thank you all for your encouragement. Special thanks to Avatar of Bloggeratto and John at Freshblog for announcing my hacks.

If you have used one of my hacks, could you please write a small post about it in your blog so that your readers get to know about Hackosphere as well? If your blog is in some other language other than English, you are free to translate the information about my hacks to your language and provide a link to my blog.

Coming back to Beta addiction, here are some changes that I noticed:
1. If you have already switched to Beta and merged your Blogger account with Google account, you cannot comment in non-Beta blogs with your Beta account anymore. I had to create a new Blogger account just for commenting in non-Beta blogs. More details in this Blogger Buzz post.
2. They seem to have changed the label URL from to I will check out what this means and whether any new hacks are possible.


Avatar X said...

What?, no nudge to me?...*gasp*


Unknown said...

Avatar, ofcourse my blog wouldn't have come to this stage without your constant support. I updated this post to convey special thanks to you :)

Fin said...

The change to the tag URL is to comply with the rel-tag microformat convention.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the information, Pete! I am happy that somebody from Blogger has noticed my blog. So, what do you think about my hacks?

So, with this label URL, tag-processing apps based on rel-tag microformat can easily find the tags associated with any Beta blog post. nice!

JamesF said...

Expect significantly more readers, you're officially a "Blog of Note"

Unknown said...

Oh wow, James, thanks much!

Jornada said...

Thanks for the Blogger beta hacks. I ref the "Latest post article" at my blogspot(Taiwan).

Also I found the same way to show the recent comments at side bar. If you are interested, pls visit:

JChevais said...

As a new blogger beta user, I can't post to non beta blogs BUT I have been able to get around this by ticking "other" (rather than blogger) and then putting in my name and blog site address. A quick fix that I hope will be rectified quickly.

BTW, many thanks for the hack on three columns (2 sidebars). Worked like a charm.