October 16, 2006

Fave my blog in Technorati

As many of you know, Technorati ranks blogs based on how many other blogs link to it (sorta like Google Pagerank). I have not been checking my technorati rank that often since I created the account in July. Today I was happy to find that my rank is 13,290 among the 57 million blogs that Technorati tracks. My hacks have been mentioned in several blogs and about 194 blogs link to my blog (here's the list). I am glad to see my hack instructions being translated to several languages by others.

If you have a Technorati account and you like what I have done so far, please add my blog to your favorites by clicking the green button in the "Subscription options" section of my sidebar. Also, if you have used my hack and haven't yet linked to my blog in your sidebar, please do so. Some of these things are just number games but somehow we, mere mortals, get a kick out of it :)


Anonymous said...

Adding a link to your blog and having its feed on F&S was the least I could do as, after all, most of the hacks that made my blog looks better are from here... :-)

I'm also glad to see that Technorati has been reliable enough lately to let my linking to yours be visible.

I might have the limit number of favourites at the moment but I'll check later on, just in case. :-)

On the hacks subject, I had a break from customizing my template... But, I sure will borrow/use some more soon. ;-)

All the best and thanks again.


Avatar X said...

i will not let you get away with it alone.. :P

Fave Bloggeratto At Technorati

I of course wil be expecting you faving me... :P

i will of course comply.

Gary said...

My blog does not get much traffic but I have a link there to your blog. It's the very least I could do since you helped me so much with HaloScan. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Avatar, you are my all time favorite. I made you my favorite in Technorati also. Do you know how I can check how many people have faved me? I don't seem to find that info anywhere.

gary, thank you.

Avatar X said...



Soumyadip said...

You're now at 8,873 with 610 links from 229 blogs.

Unknown said...

Oh wow, I didn't check my rank for a week or so. Thanks for informing me Sowmyadip.

Boy said...

yes, you should be in the top 10 in technorati!

Unknown said...

gentletouchee, thanks for your kind words!