November 19, 2006

Author comment notification takes one more click!

Some of you might have noticed that I had stopped this service yesterday. The reason is that I wanted to make some changes for proper usage. Here's what I have done:

1. Some utility might prefetch the notification URL causing a bogus notification to be sent. So, I have added a confirmation button in this service, so you need to confirm before the notification is sent.
2. If the notifier button ever shows up in your blog for your readers (which should never happen as far my understanding of Blogger code goes) and if he clicks it out of curiosity, I also have a notice that this service should only be used by the blog author. Well-mannered people will respect this and avoid clicking the confirmation button.

I have reactivated the service. Note that you don't have to make any changes to your template because these changes have been made in my website ( I hope that this service is helpful for the 150 odd bloggers who have installed it in their blog.


Unknown said...

Now if we can just get everybody to put an email address in their profiles.

Unknown said...

Hahaha.. That's what everybody using this service would wish.

Sharon Pickering said...

Ramini, I love this service. And, yes, I did notice that it was down yesterday. Glad to hear it is back and better!

I, too, wish that all readers would enable their email address. Blogging life would be so easier.

Anyway, thanks for this and the work it took.

Anonymous said...

Though not exactly related to this post, Ramani, could you tell how to have list upside down in beta blogger? By default, the latest entries in 'list' element come on top.


Unknown said...

Manoj, there's an up/down arrow that you can use to readjust the list elements. can you check again?