November 25, 2006

Hans customizes recent comments further

Hans at Beautiful Beta took my customizable recent comments widget and added the date and the title of the post on which the comment was made! Not only that, he made it into an easily addable widget. I liked it very much and so I have used it in my sidebar. I would encourage you to try it as well. You can get it here.

He also has a customizable latest posts widget based on the same hack. In addition to the title, it shows a summary of each post. That's a nice idea too.


Anonymous said...

Ramani, one of my readers could not get his JSON recent posts widget to work. See his comment on my blog. I checked his coding from the source of his blogpage, and as far as I can see he has done everything okay. His feed can be retrieved using the tool I described in one of my recent posts (the simple html-page with the recursive function call), so his feedsettings seem to be okay. Following the instructions I added a Recent Posts widget with HIS feed on one of my own testblogs, and there it did not work, while my own Recent Posts widget (to my own feed) works okay. I am at a loss about the cause of this problem. Do you have any ideas?

Unknown said...

Hans, Interesting.. I will have to look into this in the evening. It may very well be a JSON feed issue.

jau said...

Ironically, I want to use his recent comments *without* the "commented on" and/or the title and/or the "(...more)" text. He says to download the JSON code but I have no idea what that means - do you have a reference text or site to recommend?

Unknown said...


have you worked with javascript before? Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend playing with JSON.