December 29, 2006

Neo Add-ons - Peekaboo posts etc

I have come up with some add-ons/modifications to Neo based on the requests from those who bought Neo.

1. Peekaboo posts - Yes, it is now possible to use peekaboo posts with Neo i.e. even asynchronous posts will have peekaboo functionality ('Read more' link). This makes sense if your posts are long enough that you would like to shorten even if there's only one post in the page.

2. It is possible to show comments in the usual oldest to newest order. If you prefer it that way, I can make it work.

3. If you are using Phydeaux3's label cloud, you can load the list of posts Neo style when you click on a label. It just requires one line change.

4. You can limit the number of recent posts and/or number of posts per label.

In short, Neo's feature list has increased!


Deb said...

I like the speed of NEO, like the way pages load and would really like to enjoy the benefits. I've been with you since the beginning but I prefer a stretch template and prefer a different layout. Would I be able to modify it enough to keep some of my other hacks, use the whole screen and get rid of the outlines?

Or do I have to really learn to code instad of cut and paste?

Unknown said...


I have sent you an email.

Aditya said...

Things just keep getting better! :) Solid work with this template!

May the force ... no, wait! Wrong movie! :P

(Couldn't resist)

Unknown said...

Thank you Aditya. Happy new year to you.

NeonPlanet said...

u've a great site, and they really helps me a lot in setting up a blog, thanks :)

i would like to do if you have any idea to place a flash (.swf file) floating on top of the header for new blogger?
for example like this blog:

thanks for reading

Unknown said...

neonplanet, i have no experience with flash. but you can check with Efendi. his blog is


Ramani .... Just wanted your visitors to see the one I have under construction :

Idea Works

Deb said...

After playing with the template, I still can't find where to adjust how many posts are listed. I would like to restrict it to ten or the previous three days.

I'm also having trouble getting rid of one last gray line.


Unknown said...

You mention the Label Cloud with Neo here. Can I make the left column of labels a Label Cloud instead of a list in Neo?

Unknown said...


yes you can. just apply the hack and do the change described in this neo faq.

Unknown said...

Can you help me with some code? I think this requires altering the js. I am implementing neo in a different way here.

When I click a label in my label cloud, I want it to internally link to the top of the Posts widget just like it does when you click the "older" link when searching older posts within the Posts widget.

Likewise, when I click on a certain post with the Post widget, I want it to internally link to the top of my main posts where that post displays. Since you are so responsive, I thought you might be able to help me without too much work on your part!


Unknown said...


Your link doesn't seem to work. can you send the correct URL. If you are using phydeaux3's label cloud, you can easily change it to work Neo way. Answer is in neo faq.

Unknown said...

The neo functioning works fine. I got the label cloud working and all that. What I want now is for there to be internal linking (snap linking) so that it is easy to tell that clicking a label opens all the posts in a "Post" box right next to it (in this case above it). Additionally, so that the user can tell when selecting a certain post from that box, it opens and is readable at the top of the main posts column.

Let me know if this still doesn't make sense. (

Unknown said...


If you mean the blog should reposition itself to the appropriate place, you can do it with some javascript. specifically, the scrollIntoView() call.

Unknown said...

How do you make peekaboo posts in neo? Is this posted anywhere?

Unknown said...


Neo already has the peekaboo code in it.Just divide your posts into summary and fullpost as described in step 3 of this post.

Unknown said...


I am wondering if you will take a look at my code. I have changed the .js so that the post content now pops up in the same box as the post list. The problem I am having is getting the peekaboo (hidden) post parts to pass as well.

See here toward the bottom of the main section:

Any help is much appreciated!