February 9, 2007

Help our friend Deniz

UPDATE: Deniz's blog has been re-enabled. I got a response from Blogger support informing this. I informed Deniz too (probably he got a response from Blogger as well). I thank all those who supported Deniz after reading this post.

Deniz Akay aka Protesto is a well-known figure among the hacker community. He had used many of our hacks and provided inputs to our efforts. His blog iMessengr was a good source of messenger information and Blogger templates with built-in hacks. Today, he informed me that his blog was disabled by Blogger because their spam blog (splog) identification software incorrectly identified his blog as a spam blog. Further details can be found in iMessengr.com. He had asked me to help out by writing an email to Blogger support indicating that this was a mistake. As this kind of stupidity can happen to any of us, I think we all should support him at this time. Can you please take a few minutes and send an email to support@blogger.com (also cc:denizDOTakayATgmailDOTcom)? If you wish, you could use the following text that I sent.

Subject: iMessengr.com disabled as spam blog incorrectly

I have been reading the blog iMessengr (http://web-messengers.blogspot.com) and recently the blog has been disabled because it was wrongly identified as a spam blog. I can assure you that it is not a spam blog and so, please re-enable it.


VKL said...

Hi my friend!
I'm russian men and my english it's bad (exuse me)
But i very like you blog and read than every time

My Q.

Many time i try you 3 column template and every time i can't instal them.
If can help me, i will be fine
You can see my blog www.vsevashe.blogspot.com
You Vlad

Unknown said...


Which template did you try and what's the error that you are getting?

Pilar Lozano Santos said...

I already sent it.

And I wish good luck to protesto and "Messenger.com" from Ayuda&Kaos

MrBrownThumb said...

I saw a link to imessenger on another forum and saw his blog was removed. Today I came across his feed to explain that he was deleted.

Blogger froze one of my blogs because it thought it was spam. The reason they thought it was spam was because I was linking to my other blog in all of my posts. I had to use the word verification to make a post and fill out a form and then they just activated it again.

When I found imessenegr's shared feed I saw that he was linking all of his posts to that agloco thing that is going around the internet.

Every one of his posts had a link to that program I bet that is why Google deleted his blog.


ME said...

hey ramani,

i have sent the said mail as soon as i got your feed in my inbox. if there is anything else i can do they please let me know. i have been a reader to that blog and it has helped me a lot.


Unknown said...

Chhaya and Junio,

Glad you could help out. I can't think of any other thing to do.

Chicago, that's good info. I have forwarded to Protesto.

protesto said...

@ MrBrownThumb

Thanks for your comment.

I don't think that's the reason. If you click settings > site feed, you'll see a form at the end of the page, where you can add any html code (ads, links, images etc.) to your site's feed. This code repeats after every post of your blog. It means I actually didn't give a link to Agloco inside my posts. It's just a part of the feed template.
Agloco is an affilate link. You can see many blogs which are using this option to add affiliate links or ads to their feed. Even google is supporting this option with "Adsense for feeds" program. Problogger.net is one of famous blogs in blogosphere and it's using the same method.
Anyway, thanks for your support again.

Anonymous said...

That is very sad. I have sent a mail to blogger support team. Also I have asked my readers to do the same.

I hope iMessengr will be back soon.

Anonymous said...

Just another reason to own your domain, host your blog, and use WordPress... no one can take your blog from you.

Pilar Lozano Santos said...




Unknown said...

Yes, the blog is enabled now. I informed Deniz. Let me update this post also.

xtx said...

Hi ramani! Good morning and the good news! The Deniz's blog is in line, we obtained it. finally! With affection from Madrid, Spain Is a pleasing gift for you the day before San Valentin;)


monkey said...

Sorry to trouble you.But I have a question about trackback ping.You know blogger doesn't have this Function ,if i want, how to do.thanks.

Aditya said...

Blogger doesn't need incoming pings, since Backlinks do the trick. If you want to sent one however, you can try this: Blogger Trackback Userscript

Unknown said...


Thanks for filling in. Go ahead and answer any question that I may not have answered due to lack of time or lack of answer!

Aditya said...

Hehe! With pleasure, but it still needs you to allow the comment to go through!

Kinda beats the purpose :P

Unknown said...

Yeah, that's true.

I used to get a lot of spam before. For deleting those junk, I enabled moderation. I like moderation over the painful word verification which I am sure most of the people don't like.

Aditya said...

Hah! I actually got Deepak to remove his captcha because it was becoming so irritating! :P So yea, I agree with you.

I'll answer whatever comments I can ;) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

me too..