February 28, 2007

Neo Upgrade - Post list navigation

Neo template, the one being used in this blog and several others, shows the list of recent posts or the list of posts under a particular label in the middle column. The original version of Neo did not have any Older/Newer navigation links for this list and showed all the posts under a label at once. This results in an insanely long list if you have lot of posts and there was a limit of 100 posts too (the limit imposed by Blogger feeds). Some of those who bought Neo felt that it is important to support navigation and break the 100 post limit. I couldn't think of an easy way to do this and so I didn't attempt it for a long time.

Just recently I came to know about the start-index parameter that can be applied to feeds to specify which post the feed should start with. This parameter combined with max-results control was all I needed for navigation. I have implemented navigation in this blog using this method (it's been there for a few days now). If you have bought Neo and are interested in this feature, I can upgrade your template if you download and send me your current template in email.

In other news, Blogger hack search engine has served about 500 search requests within a few days of it going on air! People seem to find it useful to avoid going through irrelevant search results and find what they want quickly. My part in this effort was very small (just adding the list of hack blogs). We all should thank Google for allowing customizations on it's powerful search engine. A big "Thank you" to all those brainy folks in Mountain view :)


Nitin Srivastava said...

Great Job Ramani !!

This makes NEO complete, atleast for now....:)

T-T-Tommy said...

Hi. I've been using some of your recommended hacks now for quite awhile and I absolutely love the way they add functionality to my blog.

I recently experienced a glitch, however, and I can't figure out what happened.

I'm using the recent comments feature on my blog (http://carolinaregion.blogspot.com) If you look on the upper left side of the content section, the comments are listed there. However, for some reason about three weeks ago it started showing comments from last summer. I can't figure out why. I haven't changed my code at all. Now, instead of showing the ten most recent comments, it shows the same static ones time adn time again from a LONG time ago. Is there somethign I that's updated that I need to change? What happened to my comments?
Any help would be appreciated.


Ramani ... Many thanks for all the work. I got it installed this morning .... and it's working great :

Idea Works

Bob G said...

white rabbit is right Ramani - lol but what a kickin' little journey! No questions yet but I'll be sure to post when I try a hack -

Unknown said...


Yes, Blogger has a bug in the feed but there's a workaround. You can try changing the URL for the feed to