May 28, 2007

bVibes gets 25 users and Neo wears denim

After just about a day of it's launch, bVibes now has 25 users. I welcome all those who joined the website. I thought I will share a few things with you so to make the website more useful.

I see that there are quite a few posts submitted but not many votes. Voting is an important part of the process because that's how we can identify the best posts once there are lot of posts in the New Vibes section. I also want to clarify that if you vote for others' submissions, that will NOT affect your credits. Your credits are determined solely based on the number of votes on your submissions. Even if many other submissions get more votes than yours, your credits will not be reduced. So, go ahead and vote on others' posts also.

If you have never used Digg and you are new to this kind of voting, I understand that not every submission will interest you to read and vote. My suggestion is to select few categories out of 10 and read those posts only (you can click on the category title at the top to view only the posts submitted to that category). By the way, I hope you know that you can vote once on your own submission.

A few things about submissions too: You don't always have to submit your latest posts. If you think one of your not-too-old post is very interesting or funny, you can submit it too. If you haven't written any posts this week, you can submit posts from other blogs that you read. Both you and the blog author gains by doing this. Let me tell you how. If your submission gets many votes, you will get more credits next week. Blog author gets more hits from without any effort from his side :).

If you like the website, please spread the word to your blog friends. I will come up with some banners and digg-like voting buttons for your blog soon.

In other news, Mosi has integrated Neo ajax functionality into K2 template with Denim style! If you liked K2, you now have the best of all worlds. You can read more about this and download the template here.


Techmaster said...

Hope your site picks up fast.... am waiting for "banners and digg-like voting buttons "

Mosilager said...

Hi ramani, thanks for letting people know about it. Hope the bvibes site takes off!

Bill Graber said...


I posted a testimonial about you and NEO on my page today... I am loving my new NEO template and just wanted to say thanks again for writing it.


Singpolyma said...

How does the 'related links' on bVibes work? It doesn't always return results...

Unknown said...

I haven't checked that part myself :) It will probably work only if there are many submissions.