May 1, 2007

Neo for everyone!

Today, I announce my Neo template as a free template for anybody to use. I think it's time to unleash the power of feeds and make blogs faster. Many who liked Neo but couldn't afford it before are now welcome to try it. Do you want to check out how your blog posts will show up with Neo before actually using it? If you have full feeds enabled in your blog, then you can. Just goto Neo demo blog and submit your blog's URL. You will see how Neo works with your posts.

If your blog is new and doesn't have many widgets, then you can download the Neo template (right-click, save as a file) and browse+upload to your blog in Template/Edit HTML tab. You can then recreate your widgets again with Neo. If your blog has many widgets and you want to move them as it is to Neo, just wait for my next post for the instructions.

Let the revolution begin :)

[Later, I wrote this post explaining how to transition to Neo]


吳書睿 said...

Good job! Thanks! I want to use it to make my blog offer plain version. It is so fast.

DarkUFO said...

Nothing happens when I enter my blog into the demo page.


I am using the latest Firefox on Windows XP SP2

protesto said...

Well, I can't use demo blog, because I'm using a custom domain for my blog :(

Ramani, is it possible to reload adsense ads everytime we click a link and change content.

raghu said...

thnx a million billion googleplex tons :S

BeNolSatuEm said...

thank you ramani....
i'm waiting this template for free, and now my wish come true,..

shironeko said...

First person to comment.. Ramani, you rock!!

Looney Mom™ said...

Wow, Ramani. That is super cool of you. This is a great template. I love it. Thanks for your hard work.

Unknown said...

Thank you all.

DarkUfo, did you click submit button after typing darkufo in the textbox?

Protesto, it may be possible to do that. But I think it is against adsense rules. But, custom domain should be ok. My demo blog itself is custom domain.

LOUI$$ said...

Yo bro, thank you very very much. I love you, lol! :D I hope you will continue hacking around, the hackosphere will even shine when you are here. I now on holiday, check out my blog! lol ;)

Jer said...

This looks awesome!!! I have a ton of widgets, so I'll be waiting for the instructions, but man, it looks like you have done it again!!

Raquel said...

Wow, this is so cool. Thank you Ramani.

Anyway, it didn't work when installed the xml codes, it says, "The document type declaration for root element type "html" must end with '>'"

Unknown said...

Raquel, did you upload the template or tried to copy/paste. If you copy/paste, you might miss some lines. Right-click and save it as a file, goto Templete/Edit HTML and browse/upload it.

allan said...

thnak to you. I try to up load it to my blog but stated...Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The reference to entity "widgetType" must end with the ';' delimiter.

hope you can help me for this.

AmeyJah said...

hey ramani, i have tons of widgets so i will be waiting for your next instruction.

i experienced new neo working for my blog also,thanx a ton

Horus said...

Thank you very much! Have a question. I want to use it in my private Blogger blog. It doesn't work unless I make it public. Any chance there's a workaround?

Unknown said...


It works well for me in my test blog. Can you follow my reply to Raquel?

Horus, yes, it won't work on private blog.

Drama Feed said...

I'm loving NEO, but there seems to be a problem with the peek-a-boo snippet. There seems to be a bug if I use the peek-a-boo effect and have more than one post on the page. The snippet won't open or close correctly. Just wanted to give you a heads up! I love this template!

FL Sam said...

Very Nice. I am going to download to use for my blog. The demo is 2 column. Is the download copy 3 column.
Tks Ramani. Good job.

Unknown said...

Drama feed,

Neo always works well when there's only one post in main page. Whenever you click on another post title, it just replaces the post. The peekaboo for Neo also depends on this assumption.

Sam, the final template is 3 columns. Only the demo blog is 2 column.

Manature said...

Hi Ramani,

You mentioned that you may be making some correction to take into consideration AdSense users who may not be happy with the sidebars not reloading. I suspect you already have done that because my blog Gizmo and Gadgets uses the Neo template, but the whole page including the sidebars reload. My blog visitor also commented the same thing at my post Ramani's New Blogger 3 column fixed width Neo template. If you have already done the correction, may I make the humble suggestion to provide 2 downloads - one for the template which does not reload the sidebars (which I assume will be lightning-fast) and one which does. In this way, your readers will have a choice. If you do that, I may change the title of my post to Ramani's New Blogger 3 column fixed width lightning-fast Neo template. I hope you take my humble suggestion seriously.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Dummies Guide to Google Blogger
"online book" in progress

Unknown said...


You seem to have removed the recent posts widget in the second column. That's the one which works without reloading the sidebars. If you click on the links in the archives, they WILL reload the sidebars also.

The main idea of Neo is not to reload the sidebars. So, I can't change that behaviour. I was planning to do something about adsense but I have skipped that idea because it maybe against adsense rules. So, Neo and Adsense won't go well together ;( Sorry.

Cyber-Buff said...

Today, I announce my Neo template as a free template for anybody to use.
is that right? Thank you so much!!! Really waiting for this. I thought wait's never gonna end. But thanks. I hope there will be more changes in neo over the time. And it will flourish.

Peter @ Enviroman said...

Hi Ramani,

You said "Neo always works well when there's only one post in main page. Whenever you click on another post title, it just replaces the post. The peekaboo for Neo also depends on this assumption."

However, I found that it is not so for the blog Gizmos and Gadgets which uses your Neo template. The sidebars reload when I go to a different post. The same thing was observed and commented on by one of my blog readers. I think you must have modified the template as you said that feature (sidebar not reloading) is not good for AdSense users.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

Unknown said...

Hi Peter,

When I said "click on another post title", I meant the ones in the Posts widget that comes with Neo, not the links in Archives widget.


I want to use the drop down window to post various songs. How can I post to the same drop down window on different days. Your drop down window seems that you have to post all the songs at the same time otherwise you will be creating another drop down window when you start adding on different days.

Vasu said...

hi...i wnat to use neo template but my present site is highly optimised to adsense....will adsense work in neo??does it effect my earnings??my site is

Unknown said...


Yes your ads will get less hits. If you are bothered about that, please don't use Neo.

Kourosh said...

Hi Ramani,
thanks for your wonderful job. I tried to validate it but W3C validator found 168 errors. I know that it is not your specific template that gets errrs but all Blogspot templates have such a problem. Would byou please give me your insight briefly. Does Blogger has problem or is there anything else. I appreciate

Milan said...

hello, (Plz go through)

in order to having unique template i have created template using gecko-template compiled with deepak and your NEO-hack. Juz have a glance of this blog

Since i don't know java, I need your help, for that I can PAY YOU (Since i have placed couple of comments and there has been no answer from u, may b busy with Bvibes, but i guess u can help me if u r paid)

When you click on 'INDIA' in header area, this will get latest post 'india', now i want when you click on post 'india' it shud opened in new window with original post URL.

Is it possible? my email

Reply is appreciable.

Unknown said...


I don't need any payment. Time is my main issue. If the change you are asking sounds easy to do AND I am not busy with other things, I will reply. I will check this tomorrow as it is too late now.

Milan said...

hi ramani,

Don't think about the hack i had told u. i got the thing done.