June 27, 2007

Did your navbar re-appear suddenly?

Mine did! Looks like Blogger now adds the following line before /head tag all by itself.

#navbar-iframe {display:block}

As my display:none instruction was sitting before this line, it didn't come into effect. I had to move the line right after body tag as follows.

<style type='text/css'>
#navbar-iframe {display:none;}

You could use this method if you have the same problem. By the way, I am going by Amit's word that it is OK to hide the navbar :)


Avatar X said...

you got my word on it since forever..but the only difference is that this confirmation is recent and public.

Aditya said...

Umm… mine didn’t! 8|

Blog Bloke said...

Odd, but the code didn't show up over in my corner. Oh well, it gives me an excuse to say it's good to see you back blogging again.


...Blog Bloke

Lone said...

I wouldnt be so sure about removing the navbar, but anyway I took it away, I use the following code that has worked for me without any trouble.

actually its very similar to the one u're posting.

#navbar-iframe {

BrokenStreetLight said...

eish!dude/ette...i had managed before to put that header off completely than it re-appeared. the old tricks cudnt work anymore..thnks for the hacking tips.

Michael Samtesto said...

I am no expert but that code worked perfectly!

Venkatesh Vedhakumar said...

Adding Google meta tag right after Head
also displays navbar
so add the meta tag after variable declaration part

Unknown said...

For me also it worked perfectly!!!!