June 1, 2007

Important announcements about bvibes

With 50 users and 60 links, the website is growing at a healthy pace. For those who have joined bvibes.com, I have two announcements:
1. Now you can display a button in your blog so that your regular readers and visitors can vote for your post. I have enabled anonymous voting (with IP address check) so that they don't need an account to vote.
2. Based on my poll, some people seem to wonder if voting for others will affect their credits. To avoid any confusion, for now, I have decided to give equal number of credits (5) every week to everyone. So, please remember, no more "proportional" credits.

Adding the button to your blog is very simple. Just copy this piece of code and paste it at the end of the post that you submitted to bVibes. Please remember to replace XXXX with the complete URL of the post (start from http://). Also, it's better to goto Edit HTML tab of the post editor in Blogger before pasting this.

<iframe marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" vspace="0" hspace="0" src="http://bvibes.com/evb/evb.php?url=XXXX" frameborder="0" height="80" scrolling="no" width="60"></iframe>

It will show the current number of votes (as shown below) and if the visitor clicks on it, it will take him to the page where he can vote or comment about your post.

Next, I will come up with a feedflare so that all those subscribing to your Feedburner feed can vote directly from their feed readers (thanks to Paula for this great idea).


diddy47 said...

hi...this is an unrelated comment...I want to speak about blog templates.I was not sure if u still checked coments on older posts, so many! I was wondering if it was possible o have a post diplay that only displayed the post content just as far down as the window is long, displaying only what fits on the window. Then at the bottom provide a NEXT or PAGE link that will instantly take you to the next page of the same post, and so on. I want to eliminate the dreadful experience of scrolling down very long posts.

Just a thought.


Steve said...


I think bVibes is a great idea. Digg and del.ici.ous are not really geared towards relevant blog posts, and like you stated about Technorati, their search engine kinda sucks for the majority of the blogs outside of the top 100. I joined and am looking forward to seeing bVibes grow. I have already submitted a story that can be seen Here

Unknown said...


Is there any way to create an internal voting system, like you have done with bvibes, for posts in your blog?

Unknown said...


It maybe possible. But right now I would like to concentrate on the website.

Liam said...

As far as I can work out bVibes appeared on my blog without any action by me. How do I remove it?