July 18, 2007

bvibes.com is up

My website bvibes.com is up and running now. Please go ahead and submit your posts.

For those who reported that faded version of peekaboo posts is not working, it should work now if you follow my original instructions in this post. Those who reported non-beta peekaboo posts not working, can you try again now?

[If you are using Neo, check out Diddy's mod of Neo called EboNeo. Nice job, Diddy]


diddy47 said...

Congrats. bvibes is up again. I saw your comment and this is what i noticed: Somewhere the fetching order has been reversed. Instead of fetching the LATEST it fetches the OLDEST, instead of the 2nd most recent it fetches the 2nd MOST OLDEST! How could this have happened. Can you please offer any insight of what i can do about it

diddy47 said...

Silly me, i just went round and rechecked and i realised the TOC widget i added yesterday was causing the problem so i removed it and it now works properly. Wish there was a way to make these two compatible.

Unknown said...

Good that you figured it out. Keep hacking Neo :)

Unknown said...

And diddy, I just added a note about EboNeo to this post.

shironeko said...

Hi Ramani,

I use label cloud by Phydeaux but some navigation not work well..

I click any label that had many post,
then I click older post..
After that I click other label..
the label post did not update..

Did label cloud not compatible with Neo? If so I will change back to list navigation..

Sorry Ramani, I'm not so good in English .. :)


StickyKeys said...

Hey Ramani, I'm noticing the one-click notify for comments isn't showing up or working. Is there a fix available? Thank you!

Unknown said...

oh really! I will check it tonight.

Unknown said...


did you try the change explained in this faq for question no. 6?


Unknown said...


Are you hosting the indicator.gif for neo anywhere now? I noticed it is down with the overload of the googlepages. Where can I get the image?


Barry Smyth said...

Seems the peekaboo isn't working again. Is it possible to get the actual code like for the original expandable posts? If not could you do something that allowed me to turn on/off the peekaboo effect so that when bvibes is down I can switch to the non-effect version of the expandable post?

Unknown said...

Only the fade version of peekaboo won't work. This is because the entire scriptaculous library that it needs is in my server and the server is down now. You can get peekaboo working as without fading. Just find this line.

var fade=true;

and comment it out like this.

//var fade=true;

Barry Smyth said...

Thanks Ramani. Incidentally I tried out the Neo template, but didn't like it. I thought it looked a bit cluttered. That said, I like the idea of faster loading template, any chance of publishing the code that made it possible so that we can bite and chew?

Cheers from Singapore!

Mario said...

It has been a while, but I used one of your hacks to make a list of my archives without any month or week headings. Worked great, except for one glitch: the list doesn't show all the posts. It has 27 from the beginning of the list, and 50 from the end of the list, but there are over a hundred from the middle of the list that are missing. Do you know why this would be? Does anyone know how to fix it? Here is the blog in question:

I would appreciate any help from you or your readers.

Real_PHV_Mentarch said...

Ummm ... all I get is a "Forbidden" page ...

Unknown said...


Sorry about that. I am in the process of moving bvibes.com to another hosting provider. It should be up soon. I will write a detailed post explaining all that happened.

Mario said...

Well, if anyone's working on my previous question, don't bother. I've found a work around for my problem by making all the posts the same date and changing the time so they list in the right order.

That is all.

shironeko said...

Hi Ramani, sorry for my late reply, yes I used your hack in Neo Faq..