July 22, 2007

Update about bvibes.com

Update(7/24/07): I know that the website is down again. I am working with the hosting service on this. I will always remember the last few weeks of my internet presence :)

Yesterday, the incapable people at A2 hosting started cribbing again that their server is overloaded because of bvibes.com and disabled my account. Some of you might have noticed that bvibes.com was down again. I decided to put an end to this by cancelling their service and moving bvibes.com also to Yahoo account. I have never had any problems with Yahoo for almost an year because they seem to use a server farm and are capable of handling any load. I realize now that it was a bad decision to try these novices just for the php5 support they offer. Whenever something went wrong, they kept asking me to upgrade to dedicated server as if their whole aim was to make more money.

Thanks to the great tools like mysqldump and phpmyadmin, I was able to move over the database safely to Yahoo. From now on, bvibes.com will be redirected to anniyalogam.com. But, the redirection will only work after a few hours. Until then, you can access the website at anniyalogam.com. Your account and earlier submissions are intact.

Once I am out of these hassles, I plan to implement a useful feature. The idea is to make it effortless to share your favorite posts by integrating Google reader and bvibes. You just need to click "share" for the posts that you want to share and bvibes will pick them up from the feed provided by Google Reader. This way, you can share the posts you like while you are reading the feeds, without having to visit bvibes.com. More details on this coming soon (once I get it working :)). Let me know if you have any comments about this.


Unknown said...

I blog in another language (Vietnamese)
So can I join your bvibes.com?
May I have trouble?
May my post sinking forever?

MaIDeN said...

"integrating Google reader and bvibes" ?

Wow ....
Fantastic ...
Can't wait for that features ...

Make me, lazy people with limited bandwith easier to post at bvibes ;)

Barry Smyth said...

Nothing to do with bvibes, but I've been trying to find a hack to list my archive by title. All the hacks I can find only work with the old blogger. Do you have one that will work with the new blogger?

Thanks in advance

Joana Morais said...

Hi Ramani, glad to see bvibes up:)
I was wondering what you think about an Art bVibe category, this could include photoblogs, vidblogs, bvibes about exhibitions, literature,(etc), and everything related to Art; I thought as well of a "Other Languages" bVibe category, tell me what you think. thank you

Unknown said...


That's a good idea. I will add it.

Unknown said...


I would think the website is not yet ready for non English posts because it's just growing only now.

Singpolyma said...

Sorry to hear about your problems -- how much bandwidth were you using? I know DreamHost offers huge packages, and I've never had an issue with their service or tech support or prices (ok, sorry, shameless plug for my SINGPOLYMA promo code ;) )

On a more serious note, glad to see the website mostly back up :) The DB seems to be having issues just now. Will my old bookmarklets that point to bVibes.com still work?

I'm going to try sometime (when I get time) to put a pligg on my server and get OpenID integration, if I do it I'll send you the code :)

Unknown said...


It was not a bandwidth issue. They were complaining about number of http requests and mysql query complexity etc! Basically their main intention was to move me to a dedicated server. But it doesn't make sense at this stage for bvibes.com.

I like to stick with Yahoo because they have a unique advantage. They seem to use a server farm instead of a single server for small business plan. The db issue that you saw seems to be fixed now (they are so good).

Old Bookmarklets may not work. So, please change the URLs again. And yes, if you can get openID working, I will be glad to include it :)

Unknown said...


Would you like the google reader, bvibes integration? Any suggestions are welcome.

Singpolyma said...

I'm not on google reader just yet... but I've been thinking about trying it ;)

diddy47 said...

congrats , bvibes is up again