July 18, 2006

Freedom viewer - to view blocked Blogspot blogs

This is my first post in Blogdesam blogs portal. This is in the context of Blogspot.com being blocked by almost all ISPs in India :(. I just wanted to introduce my tool called Freedom viewer which can be used to view just the latest post in blogspot blogs.

Why this tool?

1. It's fast because it only shows the blog post and not images, sidebar stuff etc. So, it's a good alternative for slow proxy websites.
2. For most blogs, this tool also shows a link to Blogger comments page to view and post comments. This is an advantage over feed readers like Bloglines.

The tool is at http://www.anniyalogam.com/scripts/freedomviewer.php.

As I don't have much time now, I will get back with "real" posts later.

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