August 3, 2006

Goodies to promote your blog!

Over the past month or so, I had announced some tools that I developed for Blogger users. Here's a recap of the tools from for the benefit of Blogdesam users.

Featured post of the day from archive

This tool will revive a different post each day from your blog's archive. The post will be selected randomly without your involvement (based on the current date). It will show the post title, permanent link to the post and first few lines of the post. Even if you don't post anything for a few days, your visitors will be able to read the old posts revived by this tool. It will be a surprise to see which post gets revived each day!!

Archive Browser

Blogger archives have been difficult to browse through as they are large files with all the extra baggage in the blog. There are also too many of them (more so if you have weekly archives). Here's a tool which you can use to view an entire year's worth of archives in one page. It shows the post titles, a Technorati-like text-only preview (first few lines) of each post and the permanent link to the post. You can use it with anybody's blog, not just yours.

Other possible uses of this tool:
1. You could use it to backup an entire year's archives into a file. Just save the page generated by this tool using your browser.
2. You could use the integrated Google search facility to search your archives.

One-click comment notifier

One-click notifier is a tool to keep your comments section lively. When somebody posts a comment in your blog and you respond to his question/comment, the commenter may not even see your response (unless he constantly monitors your blog). With One-click notification, you can send an automated email message to the commenter with just one click. This message will contain your name, your post's title and its permanent link so that the commenter can easily come back and see your response.

Here are some statistics:

Archive Browser has been used with 260 blogs.
Featured post of the day is used in 97 blogs.
One-click Notifier is used in 59 blogs.

You could plug-in these tools to your blog by adding few lines to your template. Please visit for further details. There are also some Blogger templates with these tools built-in at

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