July 13, 2006

New tool - Featured post of the day from archive

Based on my archive browser logic, I have developed another tool to revive old posts from archive. You will see it in action below this post. This tool will revive a different post each day (automatically). Even if you don't write anything for a few days, your visitors will be able to read your old posts. It will be a surprise to see which post gets revived each day!!

Some FAQ:

What kind of blogs will benefit from this?
Blogs with time-independent content will benefit by reviving all their old posts. Blogs that analyze current news topics etc may not benefit from this.

When does the revived post change to a new one?
At 12 A.M. UTC (Coordinated Universal time).

How do I add this to my template?

Insert the code snippet in red between the lines shown above and below it.

<!-- Begin #comments -->
<!-- Featured post of the day -->
<script language="Javascript"
<!-- Featured post of the day -->

<div id="comments">



Anonymous said...

Can the text ("featured post of the day") be customized? I like this idea a lot.

Unknown said...

Yes, Ariel. Whoever doesn't like this heading can use featurebox2.php instead of featurebox.php and add their own heading.

Anonymous said...
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enRenRum-anbudan.BALA said...

Dear Ramani,

I tried to implement the "New tool - Featured post of the day from archive" as you specified by cutting and pasting your script in my blog template, in the appropriate place and republishing my blog.

But, old posts are not getting randomly revived. The box is getting displayed with a error message "Could not find archive files." embedded in the box !
Pl. visit one of my posts at http://balaji_ammu.blogspot.com/2006/08/ii.html
and pl. tell me what I need to do to set it right.

B said...

What a lovely, simple little idea to increase viewing of the archived posts. Cheers & Thanks!

Boy said...

will this work in a blogger beta site?


Unknown said...

gentletouch, no it won't as of now.

Norm said...

any word on a beta version? Also wondering if it would be possible to have a new post displayed on every refresh instead of every day

Unknown said...

Norm & Debra,

I haven't got it working with Beta. But, you can have a new post with every refresh by using featureboxnew.php instead of featurebox.php in the code. Let me know if it works.

Lovely said...

Thanks for this nice share, i implemented nicely on my blog



ELiena Andrews

Lovely said...

I implemented this hack on my blog (http://visitformoney.blogspot.com)and seeing "Unable to retrieve Blog main page.
Could not find archive files." error. What have i done wrong ? Plz help me.
Thank you

Best Regards,
Eliena Andrews