June 6, 2007

Now available: Facebook app for bvibes

I believe many of you are on facebook (if not, you're missing out on the social networking revolution). And the fact that we have a facebook widget for bvibes so soon is a testimonial of how Aditya has geared up to develop for facebook. I just sent him an email this morning asking him if he could develop a facebook application for showing the posts that one has voted for (like they have for digg). He said yes and to my surprise, he had it ready within half a day! So, if you're on facebook, now you can show the posts that you voted for in your profile (including your own posts). This will show up in the news feed of your friends bringing attention to your blog posts (and bvibes could get more users which is again beneficial for everyone). Here's how the application will look like.

And if you are not yet on facebook, I would really suggest you to try it out. It's very easy to find your real world friends there and there are many networks/groups that you can join. Here's the bVibes application link and here's the link to my profile. See you there in Facebook.


Aditya said...

According to the new rules, an application must have 5 users for it to be eligible to be submitted to the main Facebook application's repository. So the faster people add this, the quicker I can submit it :)

And yeeech!! Here's a better picture :P

Unknown said...

That's not a problem. We will get 5 users pretty soon, I believe (we have singpolyma to start with :)). And I updated the image too.

hh said...

hey what abt an orkut plugin...you know in India, it's the favourite. :-)

Unknown said...

Orkut, hah.. Let me check if Aditya would be interested.

Aditya said...

hey what abt an orkut plugin…you know in India, it’s the favourite. :–)

It might be the favourite, but I’m strictly against it. That’s one network which is completely unmoderated and the authorities don’t step in even after they’re asked to.

Plus, what do you mean by Orkut plugin? A plugin to show bVibes votes on Orkut, or orkut details on Facebook?

In either case, Orkut doesn’t have an API, hence one can’t develop anything for it… :P