June 10, 2007

This week's top posts from bVibes

Here are some posts that you might be interested in reading.

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Muse: End of Times? Of Paganism and The Roman Catholic

Here are some updates about the website:
- Google analytics reports 5000+ hits to the website in the last 2 weeks!
- I have added a statistics module to the sidebar showing the number of users, links etc. I have also made the URLs search engine friendly.
- I have disabled anonymous voting as registration takes only few minutes. This week, everyone gets 10 credits.
- Self-hosted blogs are now supported well.

More details in the bVibes blog.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hello Ramani. I can't find your e-mail add so I'm sorry if this isn't really the place to put this inquiry...

anyway, what I want to achieve is very similar to Hans' TOC widget. I've implemented that with no problem.

I would like to have a contact form to show up on the sidebar (or even the main area) when I click on the "form link" (located as tab-like links, placed at the lower right of the header image).

My idea is that I need to create a sidebar element defining it as the area of say, "form". And then I need to target that page element area when I click on the feedback form link. (I created a form through FormLogix.com.)

Is it possible to do that?

I know nothing about javascript so I don't know how I can possibly code it myself. Can you help me?