July 10, 2007

Anniyalogam.com relocating...

As i had mentioned earlier, I am retaining anniyalogam.com but changing the name servers to point to the new location. I have initiated the name server change but it will take 1-2 days to propagate over the internet. I have confirmed with my hosting provider that there won't be any disruption of service during this time for those still accessing anniyalogam.com URLs. Just in case there's any issue, I have already told you what to change in your template. Once you make this change, hacks should work just fine.

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Yan said...

Hi, Ramani...

How's going on?
I am a big fan of your hacks and I use them in my blog. I also translate some of your posts for my friends and other newbie bloggers.
Recently, I got an alert from one of my friends telling me that you are relocating Anniyalogam.com and advising whoever using your tricks to change the codings into http://bvibes.com/hackosphere/...

I tried to fix my peekaboo coding according to what you said. But, it doesn't still work. Could you please look over this coding-related glitch again?

That's what I did;


I even went to your test blog to check if it works for yourself too.


It doesn't work for your test blog either. That's why I finally gave up and wrote a comment under this post for the first time. :D

I do really appreciate for your help and kindness, Ramani...

Keep up a good work for the bloggers!

Best Regards,