July 11, 2007

Apology for the issues with my hacks

UPDATE: This won't work anymore. You have to copy the script to your template as described in a later post.

I realized the real popularity of my hacks today when my new hosting service said it cannot handle the load generated by numerous requests to hackosphere.js. Here's the email I got from them:

"Currently your site hackosphere.bvibes.com (aka anniyalogam.com) is using too many resources on our server:
Excessive HTTP daemons due to high traffic
Your public_html directory has had permissions changed to 0000. Please do not re-enable it without first contacting us with a mitigation plan for your domain. Continued overusage of resources will lead to the suspension of your account.

A shared server will not handle the amount of traffic to one domain which your site is currently drawing without severely impacting the other customers. A Dedicated or Semi-dedicated hosting package will be required if this traffic pattern is normal for your domain."

This is something I never expected. Somehow Yahoo small business account could handle it without any issue. Since this new account was also a small business plan, I thought they could handle it but poor folks couldn't handle it. They have disabled the directory which contains all the scripts. Dedicated hosting costs 70-80 dollars per month and I can't afford it. Now, there are two ways you can get my hacks working again:

1. I have uploaded hackosphere.js to my googlepages account. So, you can add this line

<script src="http://rarunach.googlepages.com/hackosphere.js"
type="text/javascript" />

and remove either one of these lines that you have

<script src='http://www.anniyalogam.com/widgets/hackosphere.js'
type='text/javascript' />
<script src='http://bvibes.com/hackosphere/widgets/hackosphere.js'
type='text/javascript' />

2. Or you can copy/paste the javascript code directly to your template. The code is in http://rarunach.googlepages.com/hackosphere.js.txt. Disadvantage of doing this is that whenever I add new features or fix some bugs in my script, you will have to change to your template.

I guess Neo template will not work either. You have to use this new location for neo.js.

<script src="http://rarunach.googlepages.com/neo.js"
type="text/javascript" />

instead of one of these lines that you currently have

<script language='javascript'
src='http://www.anniyalogam.com/neo/neo.js' />
<script language='javascript'
src='http://bvibes.com/hackosphere/neo/neo.js' />

My sincere apologies for all this trouble. As such I am frustrated with this downtime too. I hope you will support me by changing your template and continue to use the hacks.


iEn said...

Ya.. this morning.. i feel different.. what's wrong with my blog hahaha! so i upload it ur script by my google page too.. :D

Charles Reynolds said...

Amazing how dependent on Neo I have become in such a short time. I've been using it for lest than two weeks. Nevertheless, I'm demoralized!

Hang in there guys. We'll get through this together.

Unknown said...


Thanks for your support.

Unknown said...

I think the location for the neo javascript should read as


and not as


Alban Fenle said...

Hi Ramani,

Thanks for your effort to communicate and provide a solution.
For some reasons, I can't get it to work. I followed your instructions, but I am not sure if I did the right thing. I am talking about my A Course In Miracles Blog.

You said, replace either of the following lines (For reasons of rejection of HTML in the comment I left the <> out): script src='http://www.anniyalogam.com/widgets/hackosphere.js'
script src='http://bvibes.com/hackosphere/widgets/hackosphere.js'

However, in my template those line do not show up.

My line was: script language='javascript' src='http://www.anniyalogam.com/neo/neo.js'

I replaced it with:
script src="http://rarunach.googlepages.com/hackosphere.js"

but without any change.

I wonder what other users of your template did. In their source codes I saw even still the old line, and yet they seemed to be fine.

Thanks for your support.


Unknown said...

REAL, thanks for catching it. I posted this quickly and so I might have missed it.

Alban, I have changed the link for neo script. Please use this link.

StickyKeys said...

Thanks for the quick update Ramani, the fix seems to be working!

Rev. Joshua said...

In order to reduce your server load I'd like to host this script on server space I have for my blog. I saved the hackosphere.js.txt as a .js file and uploaded it to my server, but it's not working. Is there anything I need to do to get it to work, like permission settings or such? I've never hosted javascript before.

Unknown said...

Hi Joshua,

If you are hosting it yourselves, please download & upload hackosphere.js instead of hackosphere.js.txt. There's a difference between them. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Matthew Pianalto said...

Thanks. All my posts had Read More... at the end, whether I used the code or not, and I thought hmmmm... Switched the one line of script and all is well.

La Perla said...

wow man...
realy thanks for your realy quick response.
in some days, I'm going to publish a blog in spanish (that's why my english is so horrfull) mirroring the hack's I used in my blog (http://laperlacultural.blogspot.com )as a feedback for de blogger comunity. You can count whith this space as yours.
thanks again

Rev. Joshua said...

Worked perfectly, thanks!

Alban Fenle said...

did you forget to include the link, when you said, "use this link"?

I followed the hint of real, and now it works. Thank you real. I love it.

Admin said...

its work for me , thanks for you good work ,


Karl L. Gechlik said...

Ramni thats wonderful we know what its like to start generating a nice buzz and some decent traffic.

I posted a comment on one of your other blogs but each one is better than the last!

Your friends @ AskTheAdmiN

Unknown said...

Karl, thanks. I am currently busy with many things. I will get back to you regarding your Asktheadmin site.

JuventusCadillac said...

I notice this today ,thanks for the update.

thank you!

Blog Bloke said...

No need to apologize Ramani. You have put a lot of time and effort into your hacks and I hope everyone appreciates. I know that I do. Keep on hacking bro.


Jonzie said...

Wow, for a second I panicked. But that was a quick update...
Thanks a lot