July 12, 2007

Hacks broken again: here's the fix

Recently, I had relocated my script hackosphere.js. But my new account couldn't handle the load of hackosphere.js. So, peekaboo posts and other hacks won't work again. This script is used in close to 1000 blogs (my estimate) and whenever somebody accesses any page of any of these blogs, this script is accessed. That's what causes this enormous amount of traffic. Given that so many people have written about peekaboo posts in their blog and linked to my post, the traffic trend will only increase as more and more blogs start using it. My hosting provider might suspend the account if this kind of overloading continues because it's a shared server.

After thinking about it a lot, I think the only scalable and reliable solution for this is to include the script in your template itself. So, I am asking you to click here and copy all the code from that page to your template itself before the
tag. If you would prefer to upload the script to your server, use this code instead. This change is for the benefit of everybody from blogging community to make use of my hacks.

To get rid of the alert that you saw, please find and remove this line from your template (this is also important to help me retain my hosting account. thank you!).

<script src='http://www.anniyalogam.com/widgets/hackosphere.js'
type='text/javascript' />

If you are using my version of customizable recent comments widget (not Hans's), you should also goto this page and copy/paste the code before the /head tag. That should fix it.

UPDATE: Many of you have thanked me for providing a quick solution. There's a better way to say "Thanks" by adding a link to Hackosphere in your sidebar. When i visited some of the blogs using peekaboo posts, I didn't see any link to Hackosphere. Also, check out my new blog sharing website bvibes.com (if you haven't done already) where you can promote your posts and read/vote on other blog posts (it has 200+ registered users now).


Anonymous said...

uff, no work..

HaHa UK said...

Ah, now I see why it was messed up earlier on my site!

Although I copied the javascript, and it's still not working.

Even saved it as a .js and uploaded it and still doesn't work.


Unknown said...

Are you getting any error from Blogger?

Bill Graber said...

same here

Unknown said...

Hold on, let me correct it. Is Blogger spitting out error for all of you?

HaHa UK said...

Yeah, got an error on Blogger, and then uploaded the .js file and still not working.

mkPLANET said...

Yes, we are getting an error as well. We copied/pasted the new code as directed, replacing the old one as well, yet Blogger gives us this message:

"Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup."

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Unknown said...

Hi all,

It was because of the wierd xml parsing that Blogger has. I have made changes in the code and tested it in my test blog. Please copy again from the same location.

mkPLANET said...

Gotta love the new blogger. Anyway, it works perfectly now. Thank you so much! :)

chrisberks said...

where can we get the tableftF.gif and the tabrightF.gif?

HaHa UK said...

Thanks, works again.

Although I have a problem when you click 'older links' - the posts that are expandable are not minimised, they are already expanded.

any idea whats wrong?

shironeko said...

Hi Ramani,

neo.js also exceeded it bandwith
good thing I have neo.js save in my computer..

Can you make neo.js.txt.. so I can paste it to my template.. :)


Mr Bagel said...

Hi Ramani, your asking us to replace the call for JS to actually including the JS on our page. Then to delete the call for the JS from your account, but what about the people that have other js hackosphere things like recent comments? Will this not cause the recent comments to not work as well?

I might add Ramani, although I appreciate your work, I wasn't comfortable with using a call to your site (to send out the JS). It made all my blogs I've done dependant upon your JS call working.

Ramani I've done over 50 blogs with this JS, now I have to go to each and every person that I've done a blog for and change the code....

Considering I've never recieved payment for one of these blogs, It would have been preferable to have avoided needing to do this.

May I respectively advise you consider embedding all js in your widget codes.

regards Aaron

BTW your estimate of 1000 blogs is a little conservative in my eyes!
You're a lot more popular than that!

waz said...

Ramani, btw, if i don't want: "indicator updating" but instead only "updating" what do i need to do?

Bill Graber said...

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please look at my blog...is this the problem everyone else is having? I never use peep a boo post.... but I dont have any functionality in either my recent posts or my comments

Unknown said...

Paula, arephyz,

Neo.js is now available in the same location as before.


Since neo is not used by too many blogs (unlike peekaboo posts), I would like to keep it there so that I can provide new features in Neo in future. Please use this location in your template.

Bill Graber said...

That fixed it Ramani....I love you Muwahhhhhhaaaaaa

Unknown said...


I didn't know you had placed the hacks in so many blogs! Yes, recent comments code is not there in the code. The reason is that it needs some work if it needs to go into a template and also I wanted to separate these two codes (not everybody use both of them, so why club them together). I will update this post shortly with the location for recent comments code.

And yes, I just realized that it's better to include js code also with the hack, even though it has other disadvantages.

Bill Graber said...

Ramnai you be one rad dude. Thanks so much cos I was stressing...

I there is ever anything i can do for you let me know.... and if your ever out this way I own 4 beach houses I rent out... you can have special blog guru rates... Paula out

Unknown said...

That would be cool Paula!!

HaHa UK said...

Am I the only one that gets the problem where peekaboo doesn't work when you click 'older links'?

Unknown said...

Was it working ok before?

Hulu Langat said...

Sorry, could not access your http://www.anniyalogam.com/widgets/hackosphere.js.txt site to copy the js.

I'm a dud in these things please help.


Unknown said...


What error do you get?

Unknown said...


The images are there in the same location. Are you facing any problem in any blog?

Hulu Langat said...

No error message . just a blank white page.

thanks for your quick response.

Ched said...

Many Thanks. Many Thanks. You are very kind to have given us the source code for this "hack".

Aditya said...

Hah! You got iLike'd :P

Unknown said...


Yes, it has been a tough 2 days.

Hulu Langat said...

Sorry Ramani,

told you I am a dud.

I viewed the source code at your site and well what do you know, it was there all the time and this dud did not realise it.

Thanks man for this great hack and sorry to have bothered you with my ignorance.


Unknown said...


I was wondering why you couldn't see the code before. if it works now, that's good.

Deepa said...

I have saved your hackosphere.js and uploaded to my googplepages account. I am using this in 3 of my blogs.

Luke Akehurst said...

Inserted code in template and it works fine first time. Many thanks.

admindude said...

thanks :-) i love the hack and was wondering what the problem was when it stopped working. i followed your advice and it now works beautifully.

more power to you!

Ram Manohar Bokkisa said...

hi..sir, my name is ram i am 18 ..i have started blogging since a year i have learnt so much from you ..can i publish an article about NEO template for which i made some changes and put the template for download. I am asking you bcoz you are the creator of that template...hoping for a reply..

F1 Wolf said...

done, no problems here

thanks !

HaHa UK said...

Ramani, I was using the standard selective expandable post hack before yesterday and that was working fine, but yesterday I installed the peekaboo hack and all the expandable posts on the 'older links; are messed up.

Any help would be appreciated.

drwiz said...

Thanks Ramani.

You are just too good!

HaHa UK said...

Forget my last comment ramani, all fixed now. :)

webweaver said...

Hi Ramani,

Jut wanted to say thanks a million for sorting out an alternative way for us to continue using your wonderous hack - and thanks heaps for sharing. We really appreciate it!

Hope this hasn't stressed you out too much. You rule!

Cicolita said...

I have always used
for you expand and you reduce post
which I must use hour?
help me, my blog is ut of service
thanks cicolita

placeboKatz said...

Hi Ramani,
I followed your instructions and everything is fine for new blogger,
however for blogs that still use the old template it doesn´t seem to fix the problem.
No errors, just peek a boo posts cannot be opened.
I copied the script right before the
"bracket backslash head bracket"

Any idea what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance and kudos for your fine work.

JMom said...

Ramani, thanks for the fix! I was having the same problem as hulu langat, getting the blank page. Good thing I checked here :) I had a 'duh' moment too lol!!

My expandable posts are working again!! THANK YOU!

chemcookit said...

Thank you SOO much for explaining to us how to make it work again and giving your code!!
You're really kind.

Nospheratt said...

Hi, Ramani. I'm really greatful for all your hacks. I've been trying to upload the hacks to a js file, but no luck. Could you post the code that should go on the js file, or tell me what I'm doing wrong?

I've even removed the < script type='text/javascript' > and the closing tags - I want to put the pekaboo and the recent comments in the same file, since I'm using both - but it doesn't work. Can you help? I use this in four blogs.

Also, do you know how I could get in touch with Deepak, from Blogger Hacked? His hacks have the same problem, bandwidth exceeded. It's imposible to left a comment there, and I couldn't find his email in any of his blogs. I know it's a long shot, but I thought maybe you guys, the "top hackers", would know each other. :)

Anyway, thanks for everything, and forgive me for taking your time.

Raquel said...

So much trouble aye, I hope everyone who uses your scripts knows all about this update.

Matthew Pianalto said...

Thanks, I got peekaboo going again.

One thing, when I tried to access the page with the script in IE explorer, the page displayed as blank.

Tried it in Firefox, and it showed up fine. Copied, pasted, got rid of the other line. Simple.

stmaverick said...

Hi Ramani,

I'm using this script at my blog and I tried to follow your instructions and copied the script into my HTML. I get either of the following two messages:

Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.

Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.

I tried to upload the hackosphere script file onto my googlepages account, but again I get the error messages on Blogger. I don't know what else to do now. Please help!

- Jared

~verus rara avis~

Anonymous said...

I get a blank page when clicking on the recent comments widgets link as well.

Is this normal? I'm a dud too.

Charles Reynolds said...

I've implemented Ramani's suggested solution for neo.js. It has been stable for about twelve hours now. I suspect all is clear.

Though I fear I need to at least check out the craze over peakaboo.

I've been satisfied with .js. On the other hand, I'm sure there's a reason peakaboo's more popular.

I'm a low risk kind of guy.

If anyone has some cool suggestions for http://plentypoetry.blogspot.com/
drop me a comment.

Rick Itzkowich said...


When I click on "Read More" nothing happens. At the bottom of the page there is a message that says:
javascript:void (0).

I need help either fixing this or removing the hack and forgetting about the summaries.



Juan David said...

Hi Ramani. I just wanted to say that I copied the script to my template an it started to work again.

I also want to thank you for the script. I have been using it for a long time now.

Hehehe, you should be proud, 1000 blogs use it!

Charles Reynolds said...

I've implemented Ramani's suggested solution for neo.js. I placed

script src='http://www.anniyalogam.com/neo/neo.js'
type='text/javascript' />
directly before the /head> tag.

It has been stable for about twelve hours now. I suspect all is clear.
(Though my pride is a little hurt because I now realize that I am using an "antiquated" version of Neo. I guess I should come out of my hole and check out the craze over peakaboo. Problem is, I'm a low risk kind of guy.)

I've been satisfied with .js. On the other hand, I'm sure there's a reason peakaboo's more popular.

If anyone has some cool suggestions for http://plentypoetry.blogspot.com/
drop me a comment.

Unknown said...

Oh my god, that's a lot of comments. I will get back to those having issues in the order they commented.

Unknown said...

Actually, I will come over to your blog and leave a comment informing you how to resolve the problem.

Cicolita said...

now works! thanks a lot Ramani

Unknown said...


Many of those using peekaboo posts are not using Neo. peekaboo posts was developed last year. Usually, you won't require peekaboo if you are using neo because there will only be one post in the main page. If you still think you need peekaboo, let me know.

Unknown said...


I noticed that problem with IE only now. Stupid IE can't even render text file properly. I moved the code to a html file so that both firefox and IE display it properly.

Pulchritude said...

thanks. it is working again. ive been using your hacks for long time now. i appreciate it.

Rick Itzkowich said...


Thanks you for the prompt visit and for helping me solve the problem. It is fixed and I really appreciate it.

Warmest Regards,


m@vi said...

Hi Ramani, thank you for the quickly fixing this. works perfectly now.
sadly I lost your newly created feeding effect.

is there any way to add this onto my template code without using any of external script?

many thanks for your hard work and dedication to blog community.


黃吼之 said...

now work! Thanks a lot!
And I've put the link in the sidebar:)

|ch|baN said...

I just notice this problem this morning the moment i open yours, then i open mine, thanks for the solution. you're the great. works fine and nvm the other problem that i had with the coding, i learn to deal with already. tq.

Nicola Rizzuti said...

Work! Thanks a lot Ramani!
I've put a link to this blog in the sidebar!


Meeta K. Wolff said...

Ramani, you are a darling! I noticed this issue about two days ago. I should have known you'd have a fix out so soon. Thanks!

Claire said...

It worked and it was easy!!!!

Wordjunky said...

Thanks for the quick fixes. I have added the code to my 2 blogs ( Great Smoky" and "Sanguine et Purpure") and (finally) linked back to you.

Great stuff!

Anna said...

Thank you thank you thank you. You saved me from having a panic attack.

placeboKatz said...

Thakns for the fast reply, Ramani.
I am still lost and puzzled.
You said that I placed the script before the /style tag instead of the /head tag.
I checked my template and the script is right before the /head tag, in fact I just replaced the old part pointing to your script with the new one.
But when I look at the source code of my blog instead of the template version there is in fact an additional part

style type="text/css">@import url(http://www.blogger.com/css/navbar/classic.css);
div.b-mobile {display:none;}

behind the script that includes this /style tag.

So I am still lost how to place the script behind that hidden part of the template ???
To make things even mor confusing (at least for me)
A similiar "invisible style part
is also between the script and the /head tag in the source code of working "new" blogs.
Replacing the txt-version of the script with the html one didn´t helped either.

Joshua Nemith said...

Thanks for the fix Ramani. I've linked to you in my sidebar this time. Great work on the JS!

Catador said...

Thank you so much. I´ll put a link right away (you´ll be the only link that has nothing to do with beer, i hope that shows how i appreciate your work)

Greetings from Chile.


Ron Southern said...

I got caught in the overload of the first "fix", but the next one worked and I thank you very much! Whew! I wasn't looking forward to living without expandable posts at all.

stmaverick said...


Just so you know, I've included your peekaboo posts' script directly in my blog's HTML. It now works fine. Have had a link to Hackosphere since my blog was conceived. =)

You go, dude!

- Jared

~verus rara avis~

placeboKatz said...

you´re my hero :)

I solved the trouble with the missing < in
(var i = 0; i < spans.length; i++)
by copying the script from the sourcecode of a working blog
(which includes the < ) instead of the original and bingo the miracle happened.
thanks a million for digging into the troubled template.

Carrie Augustus - Virtual Assistant said...

Okay, I am officially in love with you!

We've been trying to figure this out for three days now before we finally found you again.

Just out of curiosity, do you take donations? :)

Unknown said...


Thank you. I just added a paypal donate button in my rightmost column. If you wish, you can donate.

Nospheratt said...

Hi again! Thanks for the reply. You're a saint! :D What I would like to know is this: can I upload the js files (for pekaboo and recent comments) to my own googlepage account? I know I could just copy the code to the template itself, but I have load time issues, and since I use the hacks in more than one blog, it would be much better to host the files externally. I've tried to upload the code from the js.txt pages, but it doesn't work; my guess is you've changed it so it work inside the template. If you could send me the correct code (nospheratt at gmail.com), or tell me what I need to change, I would be very grateful.

And thanks for getting in touch with Deepak! You guys are awesome, I'm preparing a post in my blog to credit all of you and your hacks! :D

Dave Riley said...

It was a disaster. I am totally dependent on peek a boo posting. Then suddenly all my blogs failed to function with that attribute on the weekend.I thought it aas a Blogger refit that squeezed this java out.

So I tried new templates and finally in one blog instance installed NEO. But it still won't work.I may have to review how I added the code. But I very confused about the way to proceed.
I installed NEO and it worked fine -- then the peek a boo died attribute died again...So if its a space issue on your site I added the new code but to no effect.

Is there another work around? I guess I can only retrace my steps...

Demian said...

Heyup - thanks for the advice here. Thing is, when it stopped working for a while, I found another comments widget and used that instead. I liked your widget but I slightly prefer this widget now that I've tried it - sorry and hope I don't seem ungrateful. So now I don't have your widget and I'm still getting your message on my blog and dashboard but I can't turn your message by following your instructions because I don't have your widget any more. What can I do to stop it? Ta...

Ezzie said...

Thanks man. And I've added your blog to the roll - sorry about that, that should have been there. (I actually thought it said somewhere that you designed it anyway...) Great, great hacks - much appreciated.

Unknown said...


If you find remove this line, it will go away. sorry about it.

script src='http://www.anniyalogam.com/widgets/hackosphere.js'

Sandra Rose said...

Hi Ramani, it's not working for me. I tried putting the script on my server and linking to it and I also tried pasting the script into the header of my template. I still see all the Read More links (in my case, I changed them to "Permalink" which works out if there is no resolution). Thanks for the great work!

Misa Gracie said...

Thanks for all of your wonderful hacks - I really appreciate them (and you!).

Demian said...

Thanks, that's fixed it - and really there's no need to apologise - thank you for the widget in the first place and it's me who should apologise for deserting you!

RfP said...

Thank you!

dacarras said...

thanx Ramani, i aprecciate your concern


Sandra Rose said...

Thanks Ramani! It's fixed now. :)

Freckles said...

Thanks a lot!!!!

you save my day! i was smashing my head against the wall figuring out what's going on...'cause i'm not an expert, and blogger is new for me..

Thanx so much again, and i will link to your page this time!

great job!!!


Roughstock Jess said...

Hey Ramani,

Sorry to add to your exploding comments...The fix is perfect on the new Blogger but I can't get this to work for the classic Blogger templates.

Any ideas?


Blogger said...

Ramani, As far as I can tell neither my peek a boo nor my comment section is broken. The only problem I have is your popup that keeps alerting me.
What should I do.

Unknown said...


I think you're using Hans' code for old blogger. I will look into it later.

minä said...

Thanks man, I appreciate your work for us all! Peace

Erin said...

It worked like a charm for me. Thanks so much for all your good work for those less technologically gifted among us!

Randy said...

Thanks, Ramani. Happy to add a link on the sidebar as well. (Apologies for not doing so earlier!)

angelcaido666x said...

Gracias por una solucion tan Rapida se te agradece desde Oruro Bolivia

saludos, funciona perfecto

Phillybits said...

Thanks for the fix.

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias, acabo de modificar la plantilla y todo ha salido bien.
(ya pongo tu link)

Un saludo desde Bs As, Argentina

Nuno 'Azelpds' Almeida said...

Thx for the help. :)

I followed the instructions and everything seems to be working. Also added a link to your site on one of my sidebars. Sorry for not having done that before. :)

Laurie Monk said...

OK thanks for the fix...blog link added. Thanks for your script and fix...it makes my blog useable!

Annie Chang said...


The new code doesn't work for my blog!


Thanks in advance!


Dikkii said...

Damn that was a good fix. I am so linking to your blog.

Revista Proyexión said...

Thank you Ramani, if you have another idea tell me please.

Saludos desde Gym, Sonora, mx

Nospheratt said...

Ramani, I LOVE YOU! The code you gave me, to upload to my account, worked perfectly! I've also "stolen" the code from the old hackosphere.js for pekaboo archives and Recent comments, and uploaded it to my account, and everything works. I can't tell you how grateful I am!

And I can't really show how much I appreciate you, and your work, and your care for your readers, but I'll try. I'm writing a post to tell my readers how awesome you are, I'll let you know when it's published. I'll translate as many of your hacks as I can, and I will ask those who use them to link to your blog, and I'll do the same. I've linked your blog when I translated your hack for Related Posts for Blogger Classic, and more links will come! :D

I won't be using Bvibes for now, since my blogs are in Portuguese, but I wish you all the luck! If you ever, ever need ANYTHING that I could do for you, please let me know. And I mean it! Also, can I suggest that in the future, when you post a new hack, you post two versions of the code - the one that will go inside the template, and the one that can be hosted externally? Just a suggestion, but that will be really useful.

Anyway, you're a genius, and I'm officially in love with you. You can say you have a HUGE Brazilian fan and admirer! :D Thank you, thank you, thank you.

J. said...

Dont even have an active blog and I'm getting the notice just browsing around! (Signed in under google I guess?...)

Unknown said...


you will see the notice on any blog that uses my hack and has not made the change yet. which blog was it happening in?

Unknown said...

Thank you Nospheratt. That's a lot of encouraging words!! Such encouragement is what makes me develop hacks for Blogger. And yes, I will provide two version of code hereafter.

Nacho said...

gracias por el mensaje al principio no entendía que pasaba pero ya lo he borrado, la pena es que me he quedado sin poder resumir los post como antes.

Unknown said...

Nacho, I don't understand a word of it except for gracias. I think you are thanking me :)

BeachBoy said...

THANKS!!! wow, I really needed this fix!

Davide Simonetti said...

Hello, I've added the code and I tried to remove the script:

[script src='http://www.anniyalogam.com/widgets/hackosphere.js'
type='text/javascript' /]

But I'm still getting the message. I can't figure out what , if anything, I'm doing wrong. Please help.

PS Have added you to my blog roll.

Mastertoaster Recordings said...

Thanks a lot, yeah i understand it, i changed the link as you wrote, i host my files with googlepages, maybe it will be good for you and the rest of people who do not have a hosting provider. The code works perfectly so thanks for your help and for sharing your creativity with others. All the best.

aNiKoPuNk_77 said...

Thank You !!, i didn't know, i was using a hack yours, i dont remember when i found, but now everything is right,
Para nacho, ademas de borrar las lineas, tienes que agregar el codigo que te linkea del segundo parrafo, en tu html antes de /head> y todo queda como antes

Jorge Chumacero Chávez said...

No manches, me asustó un cacho la pantallita esa, usé una plantilla de por ahí y nunca me fíjé en esa opción de los post "retráctiles" y pensé que me habías hackeado la cuenta jeje :S y entré acá con ganas de reñir a laguien XD, pero bueno, ya me dí cuenta y voy a ver qué tienes por allí y voy a poner tu blog en mis links! saludos desde La Paz-Bolivia! :D.

ColourfulWorld said...

Thanks a million for providing this pretty powerful solution. I'm a noob in the script arena and you are so kind to alert each and everyone of us using ur script. =)

Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

Oh my gosh thank you so much! I was going nuts trying to fix this. That was so considerate of you to add that popup.

Bigeye FAQ said...

Thanks s lot. ^^

khalel said...

I followed the instruction and copy and paste the script. But I am having trouble, my post seems to be having a duplicate posting. Please help.

Craftybernie said...

Thanks!!! I did wonder how you had that 'arning'message pop up. Clever!! You've been on my link list since I started using your hacks which I appreciate very much!!

BTW, Nacho (the Spanish Comment) was surprised by the pop-up warning and thought that his blog had been hacked :). Anyway he realised that this was not the case! He's also added you to his links list.

Stine said...

Back on track - thanks!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Hi Ramani,

I need your help on this hack. I installed it and it is working fine. However, I noticed that as soon as the posts get moved past the main page the hack does not work anymore and all the posts are expanded. If you visit my blog and then scroll down to the end to select older posts you will see what I mean.

Can you please help me to fix that? Pretty pretty please!

The_Editrix said...

It doesn't work for my blog, but that is no doubt my or Blogger's fault and it will, sooner or later.

I've added the link and I am ashamed that I haven't done so before. Thanks for all your great work.

Anonymous said...

Please help me! I used your fluid 3 column template a few months ago and now the Hackosphere alert is coming up and my blog has turned into a single column blog. I have no idea how to fix this without re-building my template and starting from scratch. Is there an easy fix to this?


I will add a link to you as soon as I get this figured out. I love the template and it was great when it worked!

Online Editor said...

I thought it was stupid to rely on a remote site for something that should be on the host site. it w oudl be best if blogger would incporate such a feature in blogger itself as wordpress has done.

Thanks for the notice.
Alternative maybe is you could post the script on blogger itself and pint to that...

Kathy said...


I'm just another one of your many fans writing to thank you for that fix you provided for the peekaboo posts. But even more than the fix itself, I have to thank you for the pop-up alert -- because if you had not included that, there is no way I would ever have connected the problem I was having with your hack.

By the way, I don't know if mine was one of the blogs you visited, but I do have a link to Hackosphere in the "Reference and Tech Stuff" section of my blogroll. It's been there since I first installed your hack.

Thank you again. You are providing a valuable service to the entire blogging community and I appreciate it.


Roughstock Jess said...

You're right - I had completely forgotten. I'll keep checking back to see if you ever get around to that fix (I know you're slammed right now).

As for your hosting, I'm sorry! I highly recommend Dreamhost (that's a referral link). Even during their tech issues I've never experienced any significant downtime and their space limits are ridiculously unlimited.


Jennifer Middendorf said...

Many thanks for this - I've had people panicking at me all week about why they couldn't expand the posts on our union's blog, and a search led me here. Problem solved, and everyone's happy.

I must also appologise for being the administrator of one of those naughty blogs that's been using your code (and bandwidth!) without giving you acknowledgment. I took over administering the blog from someone else, and not knowing much about these things, didn't realise they'd used your code in our template. I've now rectified the situation by linking to you.

Helen said...

Hi Ramani,

I am a real novice blogger. I have used your 3 column template hack but although it has a 'read more..' link at the bottom, this comes ta the end of each post and is therefore useless. What am I doing wrong? Apologies for my incompetence....

Agus said...

Thank you for that fix you provided for the peekaboo posts. I followed the instruction and now it's work.
I've been using your script on my blog. I copied it from other blog (Joni Putra)
I've also added a link to Hackosphere in my blog
Thank you again.

StickyKeys said...

Hallow Ramani, I got the code to work, but I don't get the fun fade effect. Do I need to remove the previous code the scriptaculous stuff?

Let me know, and thanks again, I've made sure to link to you in my sidebar.

outsounds@gmail.com said...

hi, I don't use a neo template, I don't use peekaboo posts.
I only use your Recent Comments Widget for blogger; but now I have still the noise of the window alert..

I have deleted the row that points to: http://www.anniyalogam.com/widgets/recent_comments.js.html

but nothing, the alert has restarted to come up at the load of my blog..

bye, thanks

outsounds@gmail.com said...

now is OK. it works and there isn't the alert at loading of the blog

bye, thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

I've used peekaboo on blogger blogs without a problem, including the newest fix that puts the script in the template html.

Now, it's not working on:


The newest posts don't show collapsed ... and I can't figure out why!

Can you advise? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oops. That's Http://oregonionnews.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

You don't seem to have the code that should be added after post body inside the template. (not the javascript code)

Anonymous said...

D'oh! Basic oversight. Thanks. Love your hacks.

Dr Vinay V Yadav said...

Hi Ramani, Went through the post and comments but couldn't find Recent Comment.JS.

When clicked on

It says
Not Found

The requested URL http:// was not found on this server.
Please help.

Skanky Jane said...

Dear Ramani,
Just a quick note to let you know that I have read your post about including the script in my template in order to help with your server issues (thought this might become an issue at some point) and will fix it ASAP but am busy at the moment with an exhibition - as soon as I can I'll be on to it (a week at most). I absolutely love your work - thank you!
SJ xx

J Rose said...


First of all I would like to thank you for everything you have provided on your site. Your information is immensely helpful to blogging novices like myself, and your knowledge and expertise is much appreciated.

That being said I cannot get the "read more" tag off my older, non-adapted posts, and also the text is large in size. I tried to add the new code you posted with no luck. I know I am missing something; can you help me with this?


StickyKeys said...

Hey R! My peek-a-boo fading is working wonderfully but I'm still having trouble with the expandable posts in the tag sections. Also, has the one click notifier been fixed?

Just as a suggestion, you may want to start a support post where you list known problems, and upcoming fixes. That way if people have issues they'll have one place to look to and they can also see some of the fixes in the comments. It might just be a little easier on you!

Skanky Jane said...

Thanks Ramani - I've added the script for peekaboo posts now and removed the line you said to remove. I am presuming all of the other hacks in the Minima template I got from you willl stilll work. Thanks again,
SJ xx (All sites where I use your templates/hacks carry a link to your blog - and always will!)

Prof. Kurt S. Jacobi said...

Dear Ramani,

I apologise if you have already addressed this and I have missed it. I have removed th line you requested and have copied/pasted the entire ecript code to my (New) Blogger template. All that works fine (in fact was working before I did it - was only not working for a few days).

My only problem now is that the [+/-] utility does not work on any posts accessed through the "Archive", "Label Cloud", "Newer Posts" and "Older Posts" links. I get the list of post titles and can access individual posts by clicking the title but cannot use the expand/collapse links anywhere but on the main page.

I really love having just the list of post titles with the [+/-] utility beside them - so if you can direct me in how to repair this I would be most grateful.
This problem is occurring (without error messages of any kind) at all three blogs I own and/or manage:
With thanks,
SJ xx

Unknown said...


Can you take the javascript function required for +/- from this page and add it at the appropriate place?


Jules said...

I was directed to your site by the Google Help Groups. Amazing stuff here. I am in a little over my head, but I'm trying. I have tried to apply this expandable hack, and it isn't work as I expected. I must have applied the wrong code or something.

When I click the link, it goes to a new page with only that post. To get back to the blog, you click a "Home" link in the lower left corner.

Can you tell me how to edit/fix the hack, so it expands on the same page, and then reduces when you click "Summary Only"?

Any aid would be greatly appreciated.


Unknown said...

Jules, yes, you have applied the wrong code. Can you apply the hack described in this post instead?


Jules said...

Ack! Now I messed up... it says "includable" above my posts.

Don't supppose you can read the html and tell me what I did wrong?

Jules said...

I think I fixed it. It seems to be working now. Off I go to look for more stuff. :-) Thanks.

Jules said...

Hi Ramani,
The hack is still working (thanks, by the way!!), but I had a question about older posts. The link to the rest of the post appears at the end of each post, but doesn't go anywhere. Is there a way to remove it?

Unknown said...

That's a known issue, Jules. Many people have reported it. I think I should sit down and fix it sometime.